Lightning Exteriors is Built on People

Lightning Exteriors is a rapidly growing company. We currently service areas in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Texas. Our honesty and commitment to community engagement set us apart.

We’re dedicated to making fundamental differences in the areas we serve. That’s why we hire a committed team of industry experts who will be with us to serve our customers for years to come. Our employees become our family.

You Are Our Best Investment

We are looking for people who are passionate about customer service, push to provide quality work every time, and excel in a team environment. 

We believe that the best investment we can make is in our people. That’s why we provide all the tools you need to help you succeed. We push our team members to their fullest potential by motivating them through work incentives and allowing for growth in the industry. 

Our community engagement organizations ensure that the work environment isn’t the only place where you’ll see the benefits of being a Lightning Exterior family member. A portion of all of our projects goes back to the communities where we live, work, and serve. At Lightning Exteriors, we believe that being a good business means doing great work for our customers and community. 

Growth Is Our Promise

We’re expanding our service areas to create new employee and customer opportunities. With working offices in four different states, we employ a large number of workers who pride themselves on excellence. Of course, that growth didn’t happen overnight. 

We are the best exterior service provider in our markets because we have the best people. When you join Lightning Exteriors, you can be sure that everyone you work with has the same dedication and commitment to quality.

We run background checks on all of our potential employees to make sure that we are bringing in people that fit our culture. That means we make our customers and employees feel safe and secure with the environment and expectations. 


Are you looking to work for a company that cares about its team, customers, community, and quality? 

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Lightning Exteriors has been a great company to work for during the first four months of my employment here. They have helped me out in so many different ways and take the proper steps to really make sure their employees are well taken care of. The training process was well thought out and they do their best to set you up for success. I would most definitely recommend Lightning Exteriors to a friend or family member if they were ever in need of a great employment opportunity.

Jake Sorenson