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Winter is here, and you’re probably already feeling the chill. At Lightning Exteriors, we want to ensure that all our neighbors know how to make sure their roofs are ready for the incoming cold, so we’ve created a checklist to make sure you stay warm and toasty as hibernation starts to call. 

Inspect and Repair Any Existing Roof Damage

Storm season is a busy time for Lightning Exteriors. Of course, people take stock of their property when they are worried about water coming into their homes, but winter is just as crucial a time to make sure everything is in working order. 

Roofs that haven’t been inspected in some time or go unmaintained tend to create less-than-ideal conditions for homeowners during those cold months. A roof that is already weak or damaged can become a severe issue if snow starts to stack up on top of it. 

During rainstorms, the water runs off the side of the house, over eaves, or into gutters, but snow accumulates, adding weight to an already precarious situation. In addition, melting snow doesn’t move as quickly as rainwater, so the chances of it seeping into cracks in your roof are more likely. 

Don’t plan on ignoring your roof until the spring. Instead, make sure you call a professional team like Lightning Exteriors to ensure there aren’t any underlying problems before winter weather arrives. 

Call to Get Your Gutters Cleaned

Cleaning your gutters should be standard practice throughout the year, but it’s crucial during winter. When leaves build inside gutters, they create blanket layers of moisture that allow mold to grow. 

During the winter months, algae doesn’t die; It grows and can spread out of the gutters and onto your roof. Mold is one of the most damaging enemies to roofs and can create health issues for the people inside. 

Besides mold, ice damming is another issue that can be avoided by cleaning out gutters. When gutters are full of debris, the pathway for water runoff becomes blocked. Gutter blockage is a significant issue during warmer months, but in the colder part of the year, it’s a severe problem. 

Melting snow moves from the roof to your gutter system, but if there is nowhere for the water to go, it can freeze overnight and create a dam: Over time, this dam continues to accumulate more and more liquid. The weight of these ice dams can cause damage to your gutter system and allow water to begin to seep into unprotected spaces in your roof. 

If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned in a while, schedule a cleaning before winter arrives to ensure you don’t run into costly repairs later. 

Cut Tree Limbs

Winter weather isn’t kind. Freezing winds and cold moisture can take a toll on you if you are subjected to the elements for too long. The same is true for anything forced to endure a cold season’s harsh elements. 

Trees are beautiful additions to any property. They provide shade and aesthetic opportunities that other yard fixtures can’t, but they can also prove hazardous during winter if they aren’t maintained. Even healthy trees with solid branches don’t stand a chance against intense wind gusts and substantial snowfall. 

A combination of the two can spell disaster for anything underneath it. That includes your roof. Make sure to trim back branches that reach over your roof. A heavy tree branch can cause serious damage to even a well-maintained roof. Don’t let an overlooked external factor be why you call Lightning Exteriors for a roof replacement this winter. 

Check the Insulation of Your Attic

Everyone wants to feel warm, and snug in their homes as cold winter weather blows through. The best way to ensure your house maintains those warm temperatures is to check your attic insulation. 

Some people will have their roofs checked but forget about what’s underneath. Leaks and cracks in your roof can allow outside moisture to seep into your attic space. In addition, damp insulation can become compact and is less likely to serve its purpose. It can also create health risks for you and those living with you. 

Your insulation is just as important as the roof above it. It’s always a good idea to have your insulation inspected as often as your roof, especially if there are any entry points for water caused by damage to your roof. 

Get Frequent Professional Roof Inspections

This winter, ensure your home is in the best shape to ensure you stay warm and comfortable inside. Schedule a professional roof inspection to ensure your home is ready for harsh winter weather.

You won’t just be preparing for the winter but investing in your roof longevity and increasing efficiency. Call Lightning exteriors today for a free inspection. We’re ready to get you prepared for the cold.