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Christmas is right around the corner! Is your roof strong enough to hold Santa? This may not be the first question homeowners think of when considering their roofs. However, the implications are important. How much weight can a roof hold, anyway? Is your roof good enough to stand up to a visitor or the snow that often comes with him? 

How Much Weight Can My Roof Support?  

Not all roofs are created equally. However, the typical roof should support about 20 pounds per square foot. This means it is usually safe for you to walk across your roof with no issues. Some roofs can even support around 100 pounds per square foot! It is always recommended that proper precautions be taken when walking on your roof. Be sure to thoroughly pay attention to where you are stepping and wear safety gear. On top of your weight, a quality roof should also stand up to quite a bit of snow as well. A roof can support 40-48 inches of snow before it becomes overly stressed.  

Signs Your Roof is Under Stress from Weight 

To gauge the condition of your roof in supporting weight, there are some signs to look for.  


An obvious sign that your roof might be under extreme pressure is if you notice it sagging. If you are on your roof and notice it feels springy or soft under your steps, you should get off the roof immediately! This could be a sign the roof is near collapse, and you should call in the experts for an inspection. Pay attention to bowing on the roof or uneven surfaces.  


Cracks in your ceiling are not always linked to problems with your roof, but it is a possibility. Pay attention to cracks in your brickwork as well as it could mean your home is experiencing excessive stress.  


No one wants a leaky roof! This means excessive moisture is building up on the roof and ceiling before leaking into your home. This moisture can lead to structural damage and cause your roof to start sagging before leading to a total collapse if not addressed.  

Contact Lightning Exteriors for a Free Inspection!

If you want to make sure your roof is ready for Santa this year, contact Lightning Exteriors! Our experts know how to keep you and your family safe. Avoid roofing problems this winter! Call now for a free inspection