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At Lightning Exteriors, we take pride in that our highly trained professionals can get a good read on whether or not a roof might need repair or replacement through a glance, but we know this isn’t the case with all of our customers. Knowing what to look for helps, but sometimes the signs are less than obvious, and it takes a trained eye to see where the damage resides. 


Lightning Exteriors currently service four of the top 15 states that are often predicted to receive the most hail storms in a given year. When violent hail or strong winds hit your house, it’s always a good idea to have a professional come out to inspect your home for any signs of damage. After your FREE inspection, Lightning Exteriors will take the time to educate you on what could be compromising your roof, but if you want to know what to look for before calling in the professionals, here are some signs to indicate that you may need your roof replaced or repaired. 


What Are Some Common Signs That My Roof May Be Damaged? 

SHINGLE DAMAGE – If there are noticeable pockmarks or pieces of shingles missing, you’ll want to have your roof inspected to give you a clearer picture of the damage. 


VALLEYS – If your roof valleys are damaged, rain and other elements can flow into your house, causing severe problems inside your home. Lightning Exteriors can have these flooding issues neutralized quickly and easily. 


GRANULE LOSS – Granules in your gutters may be a sign your roof has taken some damage and that your roof may be compromised. Our free inspection will determine how much loss there is.


SHINGLE STAINING – Dark areas on your roof may represent algae growing on or under your shingles which is an issue that you’ll want to address with some urgency. Lightning Exteriors can set your mind at ease with quick repairs and shingle replacement. 


INTERIOR DAMAGE – Leaks and peeling or blistering paint on your ceilings, attics, and walls are signs of a problem with your roof. Don’t ignore the signs and call for that free inspection.


SAGGING – A sagging roof means there is moisture trapped under it which increases the potential for a severe structural issue that shouldn’t be ignored. A free inspection will give you a better idea of how to fix it. 


Lightning Exteriors offers FREE INSPECTIONS

If any of the above signs are evident on your property, don’t wait! Give Lightning Exteriors a call today to schedule your free inspection. Our services aren’t limited to homeowners. We also have specialized programs for realtors, insurance agents, and property managers. Whatever your investment is in the property, we know it’s essential to start the process quickly and ensure that the work is done efficiently. Lightning Exteriors is ready to help you with your roofing needs today!